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We ask that you arrive an hour earlier for check in, a meal, and time for a safety briefing, before you are kitted up and head to sea. We have strict launching times.

You will be on sea for approximately three hours and we aim to give everyone the same experience and time in the cage, but we are dependent on shark activity.

Our white sharks patrol the shallow areas so it is often there that we will position our vessel. In the winter season, we may work around the island system. We position our boat where the sharks are found. As a shark does not need to surface to breathe, they are not an easy animal to observe, so we attract the sharks to the boat with a method called chumming. Chum is a mixture of fish oils or fish by products not used in the fishing industry. It is mixed with sea water and then put back into the ocean. This produces a scent trail extending from our boat that sharks in the area pick up on and then will start to approach. There is no feeding of sharks. Once the sharks are around the boat, we use a bait or decoy to keep the shark’s attention and do our best to give you an underwater view of this incredible animal.

Marine Biologist on Board
Experienced Crew
Great Value for Money
Purpose Built Boat
Designed for your comfort and safety


Our boat is named DreamCatcher and is purpose built for cage diving and for your comfort and safety.
We have various viewing decks for best photographic opportunities. Please note that we have two restrooms on the boat.

We have very experienced skippers and crew in the company with years of experience on sea and our on-board marine biologist can answer all your questions.

We have a dedicated bait handler and decoy handler responsible for getting the sharks up-close and personal as well as our chum ‘master’ at the back of the boat.


No scuba diving experience is necessary as only a breath hold is required meaning anyone can do this activity. Our specially designed cage will be lowered into the water and then attached to the side of the boat. You will see that the cage floats. It does not become detached from the boat at any time.

Our guides are always just above you if you need any assistance. The cage can accommodate between eight to ten people comfortably so should you wish to get into the water as a group, please advise us and we’ll make sure to place you accordingly. Once in the cage take a few moments to find the foot rail and the handrail in front of you. The handrail will be about waist high which you will use to pull yourself under the water to see the sharks as they swim by.

The foot rail is at the bottom of the cage and we highly recommend using this lower rail to keep you below the water leaving your hands free, should you wish to take underwater footage.

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